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Stop the Pipeline

Contribute to Mike's landmark legal suit against TransCanada.

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With Your Support, We Will Win in Federal Court!

Who We Are

I am a landowner in Douglass, Texas and the victim of 'eminent domain', bullying, and bribes by a foreign corporation.

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TransCanada is laying the pipeline right here in Texas, devastating our land. The risks are too high not to fight back.

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I have refused every bribe from TransCanada and am taking the corporation to federal court to end their illegal seizures.

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We must decide now, as a people, if sovereignty should be sacrificed for the economic interests of corporations.

Latest Updates

Mike Bishop vs Army Corp of Engineers

Mike Bishop filed suit vs the ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS in April of 2013.   Bloomberg Business weeks asks Have Keystone Opponents Found their Best Weapon

“They hadn’t followed the law,” […]

Video: Keystone XL Pipeline is All Risk, No Reward

President Obama denied this firm a permit to cross the border and build in Nebraska because of the threat or potential threat to the Ogallala Aquifer. What many people don’t […]

My Story

"I came to East Texas nearly 30 years ago after spending all of my teen years and most of my adult life along the Houston Ship Channel, working in the oil refineries and chemical plants. I see beauty everywhere but I really like East Texas in the springtime.

I bought this property to leave to my children and grandchildren—a legacy, if you will. With my sons, and now my daughter, I have done my best to instill in them the responsibility of stewardship and how to properly take care of Earth and its creatures.

I went outside to check the fruit trees in my orchard last week and, as I have for 30 years, marveled at the beauty of the blossoms on the pear, cherry, apple and peach trees.

I also had tears in my eyes, because only a few feet away is the pipeline that is going to carry some of the most toxic material found on Earth."

~ Michael Bishop, 2013

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